Nov 2013

Nov 2013


Monday, April 13, 2015

Playing Catch-up on 2014, Part 7 (December)

December 2014
Lucas got his first Picture on Santa's knee:
Don't you love the "deer in the headlights" look?  I guess it could have been A LOT worse… I was just happy he wasn't screaming! hahaha.

Rice Cereal:
 This little guy LOVES to eat. That's for sure!  However when he does, poor little guy doesn't stand a chance at staying awake to play.
Mmmmmmm......Food Coma

Other Happenings:

Hates being alone during nap time and it's quite an ordeal every day
Loves Sunday naps next to Daddy
This is what grocery shopping looks like lately

I Continue to be SO GRATEFUL for my ErgoBaby Carrier. Whether out and about, or just around the house, it's seriously a lifesaver. 

Hair seems to be getting thicker, longer, and more blonde all the time.


Obsessed with Leidy and her toys!!!!  SERIOUSLY loves her so much. It's adorable.

Play Hard, Sleep Hard
First BYU Jammies.... Costco for the Winnnnn!

Family Pictures for Randi:
She asked me to take pictures for her family. All of her kiddos are so dang cute that it made my job SIGNIFICANTLY easier!!!
Everyone was trying to get him to look at the camera, so he started to imitate us. Cutie. Lol.
And don't you just LOVE this one???!!!  It totally has a dreamy, "timeless" look to me. Love it.

And of course by the end they were ALL getting antsy.... so the way I was able to motivate them to focus and give good smiles just a LITTLE bit longer, was because I promised we would do silly pictures and jumping pictures at the end. 
And these ones crack me up because they had SUCH a hard time jumping at the same time. LoL


With the Holidays fast approaching, I find myself reminiscing that it was a year ago now that we were getting ready for our surprise Christmas announcement that we were expecting Lucas!  This picture was taken like 2 days before we made the announcement on Christmas Day 2013….. SO CRAZY

This year we were with my Family (Wyson's) for Christmas, and some of the happenings are outlined below.

Gingerbread Competition--
This is an every-other-year thing- when the Wyson's have us for Christmas.
Every year it seems to be more and more intense.  It is funny because this year I knew that I had to work the Tuesday before Christmas (I usually work Thursdays, but since Christmas was on a Thursday this year I floated my work day to Tuesday), and I thought Jason would have to work Tuesday as well.  When I said something to my mom about possibly not participating accordingly, she said "Well I am the vice president of the company technically, so I don't think he should have to work that day." I wasn't gonna complain about that!  And then I found out I only had one patient to see on Tuesday.... all of the sudden I started to panic because I no longer had an excuse to not participate in the gingerbread competition. Why did this cause me to panic you ask?  Well, because I don't know how to do things "halfway."  If I am going to actually try to do something, I want to do it right..... Which means there is no such thing as a small project, because everything seems to turn into a huge undertaking. The good thing about it is that Jason, for the most part, likes things "done well" as well (whether it's a house project, people over for dinner, or gingerbread competition, etc).  It is ALWAYS much easier when it's a team effort, that's for sure!
      We started brainstorming and I wasn't coming up with ANYTHING.  Sometimes I have a really hard time coming up with novel ideas. But if you give me any idea, I can develop it and outline all of the tiny details.  This makes Jason and I the perfect team in that regard. Sometimes the ideas he comes up with are out in left field.... but if I don't immediately scoff at them, and actually let the thought "marinate" a little bit, sometimes it can be turned into something fabulous.
     For example, this year he said "I want to do a huge Mayan Temple."  At first I rolled my eyes and laughed, but I wrote it down on our brainstorm list (details of which cannot be revealed JUST IN CASE we use them in future competitions ;) ). However, we both kept coming back to it. Then it hit me..... we have to use the Costco gingerbread house, but there are NO RULES regarding how we have to use it...... so the wheels started turning.  I decided we would build a Huge Mayan temple from Top Ramen, and then use the Costco gingerbread house as the "tour guide hut."
    From there it was all fun and the creative juices were flowing as we were figuring out how we could create this masterpiece.

Even with 3 cases of ramen noodles, we realized once we started building it that we were a few ramen short and needed to improvise accordingly:

Notice all of the detail that went into this scene?  I seriously feel like pictures don't do justice, so I am going to highlight some areas... not to mention we were so proud that we were able to pull it off and keep everything edible.
- Pretzel Steps up to the Temple
- Monkeys
- Green sprinkles, coconut flakes, and licorice to represent grass/vines/greenery
- **Rippling Hard candy waterfall and river below** (supported by pasta and thick pretzel sticks)
- **Hard candy walkway
- pretzel/pasta bridges over the river
- Intentionally Misspelled tour guide signs.
- The tin (thus silver) roof make of pasta noodles.
- The Mayan Sun

.... And the list goes on.  No Wonder this thing LITERALLY took us about 10 hours despite all of the planning before to know exactly where everything went! No wonder Jason got bored. HA!

Aren't all of these other houses amazing too??

Alice in Wonderland (Tracie and her friend Sam)

Noah's Ark (Natali and Reed)

Descpicable Me (Randi)

Log Cabin  (Joe and Jillian)

Mario Kart (Jaimee, Joey and Jayden)

The Wyson Retreat (Sam and Melissa)

The Hunger Games-Catching Fire (Jared and Sid)

SERIOUSLY??!!!  HOW in the WORLD do we all come up with different ideas every year, and yet so creative at the same time.   It BLOWS MY MIND.  Mom and Dad said that next year they will give a specification on how large your board can be to make sure we don't start making "gingerbread villages".... hahahaha. In all honesty, that would probably be a good idea to put the limitation so we don't get too crazy. lol.  Every year I think to myself, "There is no way we will be able to top last year's!!".... and then we do! Here's to 2016!  Hoping it's the best one yet :) .... though I'm seriously wondering if that is even possible. lol.

Christmas/Family Pictures
SUCH a smiley little guy. Love him to pieces.
Christmas Caroling

My mom sent out the music before everyone came out so we could practice our parts.  Here is a clip Jason caught of us warming up our vocalizers (if you are unable to view this video, go here:

The Nativity:
 The Wise Men
Joseph---throwing a tantrum because that walk to Bethlehem was JUST TOO FAR!!! :)
The Angel
 Mary, Joseph, and Baby Jesus
 The Shepherd being "sore afraid"
 Lucas was so happy and peaceful throughout.... it was such a tender experience!!! He was the Perfect little baby Jesus!!!
 The WHOLE Nativity Crew

Lucas was seriously the hit of the Holidays. Everyone loved him during caroling as he just hung out in his ErgoBaby Carrier.... totally content... not making a peep.  Then around the Wyson home, everyone there was swooning over him and wanting to hold him.  And as you can see below, he was ESPECIALLY doted upon by his Aunt Natali. It was so fun.  He soaked up all of the love and attention, while wishing it could have lasted forever.
 The Pajama Crew
 "This way to the gun show....." lol
 Special delivery straight From Santa..... ;)

He's starting to turn into a little man... so crazy!!!
And He already LOVES playing and spending time with his Daddy

On a side note....... Stefanie and Sam (Jason's sister and husband) had us for Christmas this year, and Lucas absolutely  loved EVERYTHING he got from them.  Nice Work guys!
Leidy loved her gifts too as you can see in the video:
(if video does not work click here to see full blog)
Lucas Also loved the other gifts he got too!!.... ALMOST as much as the wrapping paper or tissue paper they were under or wrapped inside of. Haha.

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